Friday, August 15, 2008

* tHoUgHtS *

I should be in bed, but I'm wide awake
the thoughts continue to stream through
my mind with all the worries that I make,
dating, mission, masters; just to name a few.

options are blessings,
where we go, what we do, we choose,
prayers are my first instinct,
I know with them I can't loose.

happieness is our creation,
it is the feeling of accomplishment,
it is the service we use to alleviate eachothers burdens,
it is the LOVE received and sent.

if we place it in God's hands,
our lives will make a difference,
in faith, my plan and His plan will coincide,
He is my guide, my light, my strength,
through Him my worries are minute in length,
with Him my life makes COMPLETE sense.

-Traci Leigh

1 comment:

celesteb said...

Sometimes the things that you write and the way you write them are simply beautiful and perfectly put. I love you!