Monday, August 18, 2008

EFY 2008

Especially For Youth 2008
Santa Barbara Session 3
Vegas Session 2
Vegas Session 1
Me and my girls (and boy) before the dance that night :) They were super excited!
So I went to Vegas for two weeks to be a counselor for EFY (Especially for Youth). It was sooooo much fun and I absolutely enjoyed every minute of it! I was there for the last week in July and the first week of of August. Initially I started in Santa Barbara and did a week there before we came to Vegas. Last summer I did 3 sessions in Santa Barbara and I knew that it was something I absolutely had to do again. The experiences I had last summer were life changing, and this summer was no different. Everytime I do EFY I learn new things and it helps me refocus my life and my goals. I love that I get to be surrounded by the spirit 24 / 7 while teaching these youth about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I love seeing the changes these kids make throughout the week, and how they come to know their Savior on a more personal basis. It is a program that I feel is completely inspired by our Heavenly Father and I was blessed to be an instrument in His hands once again.

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Ryan and Michelle said...

I was just about to give up on your blog and stop looking to see if you posted anything new... and you finally have. You better promise you update it while you're in CO... b/c if you wait 4 months like you did this time, your internship will be over and we won't be able to keep up (except for the millions of times we talk on the phone for ever :) ) Love you!