Monday, February 16, 2009



Grandma Thomas, myself and Brother (Darren) :) Two of the best chefs I will ever meet. I'm mixing garlic mashed potatoes, and my brother is making green beans with shallots, and short ribs. We had an amazing Christmas Eve and Christmas day dinner! Thank you Darren! :)

Audrey and Grandpa goofing off. Pure joy and I love it! My favorite part about this picture is my dad's hat that is side ways...if only you knew my dad...ha ha...
A little bit of Christmas :) These are our stockings and a homemade decoration compliments of Darren at age 8 or so... I love Christmas at home because it is so unique to our family. The decorations, the smell of Christmas, the Christmas movies, and the few but great traditions we have. We always have Root Beer floats on Christmas Eve, and my mom and I always make cookies and deliver them to friends and family on Christmas Eve.
Audrey and I opening the gift I bought for her and Ally. It was a Gingerbread House!! Audrey's commentary, "It's soooo cool! It's mine!!" ha ha...I just love her so much! :) The plan was to make this gingerbread house with her, but that never happened... Not enough time :(
Brother man and I, a.k.a Squirt and Derwood, on Christmas Eve in front of our tree :) He picks on me, I cry, he takes the remote from me, makes me watch endless hours of ESPN and man, we just love each other...ha really, we do :)

Ashley, Caroline and I at her Bachelorette Party at Buca Di Beppo in Mira Mesa. We had a great time talking girl talk, eating delicious food, and opening the fun gifts we got for her! ha ha...I just love Caroline and wish her the best in her marriage :) Sean and Caroline were married on December 27, 2008 in the San Diego Temple.