Friday, January 18, 2008

Utah is really cold this time of year, and I'm really beginning to miss my home sweet home, California :( Only 3 more months and I'm home free!!! Well, only for the summer that is... I'm planning on taking an internship in either of the following 4 places: Palo Alto, CA, San Diego, CA, Denver, CO, or Boston, MA. The facilities in Palo Alto and Boston are Children's Hospitals, and the one in San Diego is Sharp Medical Center where they deal with individuals with various types of physical disabilities. Craig's Hospital in Denver has been around for a while and they deal with those with Spinal Cord Injuries, and Traumatic Brain Injuries. This hospital is very well known, and would probably be the best internship to take if offered. I am beginning to create my resume and discuss these possibilities with my adviser, and then I will start applying towards the end of this semester.
As I am finishing up my college career, I am taking the following classes: 472 Program Dynamics in Therapeutic Recreation, 473 Issues in Administrative Therapeutic Recreation, 486 Legal Aspects, Intro to Ceramics, and Humanities 202. Three of my classes are my last upper division classes, and the last two are just the last of the General Ed. requirements. It's been a great semester so far, and I'm hoping it will stay that way! We are only on our 2nd week of this semester, but I can't help but think about graduation every day :)
The social life is always fun seeing as there are always fun things to do around here. Some of the favorites are sledding, dollar movies, dessert parties, bowling, game nights, intramural soccer (that's my favorite), going out to dinner, shopping, going to Salt Lake & Park City, dating (a rarity in the life of Traci), and just hanging out at each others apartments... I usually hang out with either carli, tiffany, or my roommates. As much fun as it has been being up here, I am ready and excited to move on to the next phase of my life; wherever that may lead me. After the internship I am considering serving a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. It is something I feel I should do if the time is right and if I feel prepared. I think it would be an amazing experience, and one I know I would grow tremendously from. If I could help this world become a little bit better by introducing the gospel and God into their lives, then why not go for it? We'll see where I'm at come December of this year :)

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Heather said...

Traci! I love your blog! Keep it up girl! You are awesome!